For Churches

"It's the App that Gives Back to Your Church" and we're "Building the Kingdom from the Inside Out"

Online Christian Business Directory and Mobile App

One Resource for Church Members to find Business People within the Church

An App that Gives Back to Missions, Youth Groups and the General Fund

Body of Christ Serving and Supporting Each Other

Upcoming Events for Outreach Opportunities

Job Board to Help Church Members Find Jobs

“Building the Kingdom from the Inside Out”

For Christian Businesses

Welcome to Christian BizLink!!!

Your church members will now be able to find you, and share your business listing with friends, family and colleagues with the App

A percentage of the ad revenues goes back to your church to support missions, expansion and youth groups

Reach a local, focused customer base as we expand Christian BizLink to other local churches

Network with other Christian business people within your church and community

Offer church members discounts or seasonal specials

Online business directory allows for customized ads, and flexibility to edit content when needed

Opportunity for outreach with business seminars and events

Very cost effective business ads are tax deductible

Search engine optimization for being listed with Christian BizLink

For Visitors

Welcome to Christian BizLink!

Find ethical Christian business people in your community

Free mobile app with discounts and seasonal specials

Free resource to use and share the app

Free job board for full and part time job postings

About Us

"It's the App that Gives Back to Your Church" and we're "Building the Kingdom from the Inside Out"

Christian Bizlink was an answer to prayer when I asked God how I could better serve Him in my career path. The idea came to me as a way to give back to the church for missions, expansion, and youth groups.

With churches having more than 1000 members, I wanted to provide a Christian business directory and mobile app so we could find and support each other in business. It's the body of Christ serving and supporting each other.

Then God showed me how we could use the mobile app for outreach opportunities and that's when it became clear this was more than a business directory, it could also be used for ministry! The business directory allows us the opportunity to serve and support each other, and the "Upcoming Events" will be a way for Christian business people to provide seminars with topics like: financial planning for college, health and wellness, insurance reviews and remodeling. Churches will also be able to post their upcoming events, concerts and retreats.

Church members are encouraged to share the app with friends, family and colleagues. It is a great way to support your church's business people and the upcoming events is an outreach opportunity to invite people who may not be ready to attend a church service, but would come to an event or seminar. This is also a Job Board for business people to

A percentage of ad revenues goes back to the church to support missions, expansion and youth groups.

That's why it's "the App that Gives Back" to your church. And that's how we're "Building the Kingdom from the Inside Out"


Amber Westmoreland

Amber has been a member of Bent Tree Bible Fellowship for 16 years. She and her husband, Bill, have been married 13 years and are members of Bent Tree's new campus in Frisco, TX where they serve in kid's ministry. Amber is fully committed and excited to see how God will use Christian BizLink to build the Kingdom.

Amber Westmoreland Disciple of Christ, cleverly disguised as a business owner amber@ChristianBizLink.com

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